2407 Diwali Giveaway - 2021

2407 Diwali Giveaway

Come join the 2407 Diwali Giveaway!

➔ First Prize: An iPhone 13.

➔ Second Prize: A year’s supply of 2407 Deo

➔ Third Prize: Six months’ supply of 2407 Deo

 How to Enter the Contest:

Winners will be selected at random from all customers to make a purchase on www.2407go.com during the contest period (Oct 16th 2021 to Nov 30th 2021 ). Place your order on www.2407go.com now!

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that the Products (“2407 Crush by Mr. Faisu”, “2407 Intense by Hasnain” , “2407 Roar by Adnaan”,“2407 Flame by Faiz”,“2407 Edge by Shadan” and “2407 Protect”) are marketed and owned by Super KOL Commerce Private Limited, a company incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 (“SKOL”) and it shall be referred to as “We”, “Our” and “Us”.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience to Our customers (“You”, “Your”, “Customer”). 

The Terms of Use shall apply to all Customers who make a purchase with Us.

  1. The Contest shall begin on Oct 16th 2021 and end on Nov 30th 2021 at midnight IST.
  2. Procedure to enter: The Customer shall use his/her login details and other information that is required to make a purchase and shall do so by using true, accurate, current and complete details such as Contact Number, Delivery Address, and if required, Passport details.
  3. Awards for contests shall be pre-declared in a format decided by Us. The one lucky Customer who wins the giveaway shall win an iPhone 13. The First runner-up shall win a year supply of 2407 Deo. The second runner-up shall win six months’ supply of 2407 Deo.
  4. We shall have the sole and absolute authority to determine the winners. 
  5. Please note: that the prizes in any part or as a whole are not sponsored by the brands and/or their company. It is at the full discretion of SKOL to choose and provide such awards We deem fit for the contest.
  6. We have the right to change the Terms and Conditions as well as the Awards of this contest without providing any prior written intimation to You.
  7. All intellectual property rights in the Products (not meaning the Awards) including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, designs etc., shall at all times be owned by Us. We reserve our right to take any and all actions against You for violating any of the terms mentioned herein.
  8. In case of any dispute and/or problem that may arise during the continuation of the contest and/or any queries with regards to the awards, You can write to us at support@2407go.com and we may get back to you either with a response or a solution. No queries shall be entertained after the contest is over. 
  9. We assure you that the contest is fair to the best of our knowledge, and therefore there shall be no foul play on our platforms - our official social media handles as well as www.2407go.com. However, if during the contest you come across any such foul play on any of our platforms, please provide us with full and complete information about the same on the Email ID mentioned above.
  10. In the event, where the Award is given only in cash, winner hereby agrees and understands that SKOL will deduct Tax at the rate prevailing under the relevant provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 and any other law time being in force from the cash Award and pay the balance amount to the Winner. Taxes are to be borne by the Winner, hence winner agrees that he/she does not have any claim over the tax amount deducted by SKOL.


FAQs :

1.What is the activity?

Ans. This is a Diwali Giveaway with the stars of Team 07 and their signature brand, 2407.

2.What is the contest?

Ans. All customers who make a purchase on www.2407go.com during the contest period are eligible for the lucky draw for giveaways.

 3.What is the contest period?

Ans. Oct 16th 2021 to Nov 30th 2021.

4.What are the prizes?

Ans. The one lucky Customer who wins the giveaway shall win an iPhone 13. The First runner-up shall win a year supply of 2407 Deo. The second runner-up shall win six months’ supply of 2407 Deo.

 5.How many winners will there be?

Ans. Three

6.When will the winners be announced?

Ans.18th Dec 2021