Get Ready to Party: A Step-by-Step Guide by Mr. Faisu


1. Dress to impress

Keep it cool with shorts and a t-shirt in light colours for a pool party or a Sunday brunch. For an evening to remember, Mr. Faisu swears by black and white - a tuxedo for the gentleman on a date night, and bling it up for a night at the club with the gang with a black sequined jacket.

2. Happy feet

Always be ready to hit the dance floor! Your perfect pair of shoes needs to be the perfect balance between comfort and style. Mr. Faisu himself is a fan of loafers. Not just that, you can have a lot of fun with colours when it comes to shoes - loafers, moccasins or just canvas sneakers. 

PS: DIY-painted canvas sneakers are the coolest fashion statement.

3. Make a statement 

Accessorise your look with something that says “you” - a watch, a hat or shades, it could be anything. After all, your style is all about your personal quirks and comfort!

4. Something special! 

The final touch to your party look requires something special that lasts even after the sun comes up. 2407 Crush by Mr. Faisu is just that - the perfect blend of rugged and refreshing tones that leave a lasting impression!

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Get ready, because the party won't start till you walk in!


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